Brand-new Hutchinson Campus opens in Montefiore

Brand-new Hutchinson Campus opens in Montefiore
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The soaring demand for outpatient care and surgery in the Bronx has finally been met.

Montefiore Health System held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a tour for the official grand opening of its brand new, 12-story, Hutchinson Campus on Monday, November 10.

The Hutchinson Campus, a $152 million, 280,000-square-foot complex located on 1250 Waters Place in the Hutchinson Metro Center, was designed to provide Bronxites a better experience – offering them primary and specialty care visits, diagnostic imaging and surgery, a full-service pharmacy and interior designs to make a patient’s experience more pleasant.

The medical complex includes valet parking, views of the Long Island Sound, operating rooms equipped with specialized overhead lamps that do not cast shadows and plastic lined walls to reduce the spread of infection.

Attending the ceremony were president & CEO of Montefiore Health System Dr. Steven M. Safyer, president of Simone Development Joseph Simone, elected officials, community leaders, doctors, nurses and other Montefiore, who talked about the “hospital without beds” that will now provide the Bronx with its largest ambulatory surgery center.

As part of the hospital system’s shift toward outpatient operations, Hutchinson Campus will send patients home the same day, creating a faster, more efficient way of service for both patients and staff.

“We are all very happy and proud that this facility is now available and open to all patients who need care,” said Simone.

“The Hutchinson Campus will provide the Bronx as well as its neighboring communities with faster and safer treatment and will compliment Montefiore’s already stellar reputation.”

You may be asking yourself, “How is a hospital supposed to operate properly without beds?”

The medical advances of the Hutchinson Campus allow procedures, which are traditionally done in hospitals, to be performed on an outpatient basis. The results of these procedures have proved to provide better results for outpatients.

Currently, the extended care facility of Montefiore Health System consists of six hospitals, over 2,000 beds and a nursing school. The Hutchinson Campus, which expects 300,000 patient visits a year, will only add to Montefiore’s legacy of hospitality while providing a pleasurable experience for outpatients.

“This state-of-the-art facility is opening in a very important place at a very important time – as the Bronx is currently one of the nation’s poorest urban areas – at a time when many of its residents are struggling with diseases such as diabetes and obesity,” said Dr. Safyer, who believes that Hutchinson Campus and its new, no hospital bed system will save time for everyone in contrast to general hospitalization.

“For certain outpatient procedures at Montefiore, waits can be as long as a month. The Hutchinson Campus will be able to send patients home to recover quicker than before, while freeing up operating rooms in nearby hospitals and reduce waiting times for surgeries of inpatients and outpatients.”

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