Moishy’s Bakery and Cafe reopens on Lydig Avenue

Moishy’s Bakery & Café, located 746 Lydig Avenue, reopened it’s doors on Monday, August 10 to service kosher clientele throughout the Bronx. (L-r) Alana Pagan, Moishy Israelashvili Photo by Victor Chu

Bronxites will challah with joy over the reopening of the only truly kosher establishment in the Bronx outside of Riverdale.

Moishy’s Bakery & Café, owned by local resident Moishy Israelashvili reopened its doors on Monday, August 10.

“We are delighted the community continues to be served by an essential kosher bakery and take out store,” said David Edelstein, head of the Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway. “It’s a great addition to Lydig Avenue.”

Neighbors were concerned over the kosher bakery’s closure when the former owner, Dora Melay, was considering retirement. Seeking a solution to the problem, Israelshvili was approached and gladly became the community’s savior.

“Pelham Parkway is a really cool community because we have everything here. Anyone can come from anywhere and find what they need,” said Israelshvili. “Pelham Parkway is one big chulent, there is such a diversity here.”

The bakery, located 746 Lydig Avenue, was closed down for a brief period while it underwent extensive renovations, which included new ceilings, floors, and equipment, creating a lighter and friendlier ambiance for customers to enjoy. The café now contains 18 seats for people to sit and enjoy their kosher delights.

“It has definitely changed a lot in terms of ambiance. It used to be dark, but now it’s a lot brighter,” said Israelshvili. “We tried to put a lot of attention into detail.”

The menu was also expanded to include pizza, paninis, falafels and fish dishes, but has kept the classic menu items residents know and love.

“The kind of food we have now they didn’t have before but we still serve the stuff they had before, like cakes, danishes and sandwiches. We just added a bit more,” said Israelshvili.

Former owner Melay has stayed on as one of three employees, all from the Bronx.

“It is the last kosher bakery in the area, there are no more stores like this,” said Marcy Gross, local resident and Community Board 11 member. “There is a need for this service with so many Jewish families in the area. I’ve been there several times in the last few weeks and the food is always very good.”

Store hours are Monday to Thursday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., Friday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. For more information contact (718) 239-5455.

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