Meet the BMX champ doing tricks inside of his NYC apartment

Matthias Dandois.(Courtesy of Red Bull)

Quarantine has spelled out a creative opportunity for seven time BMX champion and Tribeca resident Matthias Dandois.

The Parisian native has shifted his remarkable agility on a bike to a much more indoor setting — the living room of his apartment to be exact.

Specifically, Dandois is a flatland BMXer and needs not any ramps to work his magic but rather just a “flat ground, bike, and a brain,” he says.

He also describes his flatland tricks as “ballet or break dancing on a bike,” commending his supportive girlfriend and tolerant neighbors as Dandois continues his discipline indoors.

Under more normal circumstances, Dandois “loves to ride his bike in weird places” throughout New York City, specifically mentioning tricks he’s done on a moving ferry from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

“That was pretty wavy,” Dandois said.

Given improvements to the current COVID-19 scenario, Dandois will be teaming up with Red Bull this summer to put on a display of his trick arsenal in “the crazy spaces of New York City” as well.

Dandois at the West 79th Street Boat Basin.(Courtesy of Red Bull)

As someone who travels roughly 200 days per year, quarantine has given Dandois the chance to stay at home one month straight for the first time in 15 years.

Although Dandois misses going out to have Blue Ribbon Sushi on Thompson Street and can’t wait to get back to work, he says it’s “a blessing” to be able to stay in for so long and and get such quality rest.

“I’ve never been that healthy in my whole career,” Dandois said.

Keeping his mind as healthy as his body, the French BMXer has also been making lighthearted videos in addition to doing his indoor tricks over the recent weeks.

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“We are all confined, it’s all about making the most of it and being creative,” he said.

“Try to find what fun stuff you have…start to read books, start cooking, just look at your place and find something fun to do,” Dandois added, mentioning the cooking surge he’s created with recepies that goes way beyond simple crepes.

For those that intend on BMXing in confinement, Dandois advises to “push as much furniture as you can and make sure you have cool neighbors.”

Up next for Dandois is a virtual competition against fellow BMXer Terry Adams Friday at 1 p.m. on the Red Bull Instagram.

Dandois beneath an overpass. (Courtesy of Red Bull)