Mayor declares March 23rd special election day for two west Bronx council districts

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While the New York City Primary is set for today, the official results will not be in until the anticipated date of July 12.
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Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared Tuesday, March 23 as a special election day for west Bronx’s 11th and 15th City Council Districts.

This special vote, one for only the duration of 2021 comes as former 15th district councilman Ritchie Torres begins his historic, first congressional term and as 11th district councilman Andrew Cohen takes on a judgeship he was nominated for last year.

“This date, within the window allowed by the City Charter, will give residents the chance to make thoughtful and informed decisions about their representation,” de Blasio said, adding that “eligible Bronx voters can participate with early voting, in-person voting, or by returning an absentee ballot, and I encourage everyone to make their voices heard in these special elections.”

This news follows a previous Bronx special election from December where Kevin Riley replaced expelled councilman Andy King in the city’s 12th council district.

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