Madison Square Boys & Girls Club opens recording studio

Madison Square Boys & Girls Club opens recording studio
Madigane (r) and Munir testing out the studio.
Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

Keep an eye on the Bronx for some emerging superstars.

The Madison Square Boys and Girls Club, Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse has just unveiled a near $2 million recording studio, funded by The Garden of Dreams Foundation.

Rivaling that of a professional studio, it’s equipped with a recording room built with sound proofing material, professional microphones, and soundboards.

Additionally, there are a variety of musical equipment available: guitars, pianos, key boards, DJ turntables, launch pads, as well as recording software on massive computers.

In short, it’s the real deal.

Twelve-year-old Madigane N. and nine-year-old Munir M. are two of the first youngsters to test out the studio.

“I want to learn the drums, my grandma made me learn guitar but I always wanted to play drums,” said Munir. “I want to learn how to do that trick where you flip a drum stick in the air while playing” he added. Munir, who practiced with a pencil, is starting to get the hang of it now.

He also thinks that learning how to ‘scratch’ on a turntable would be pretty cool.

Madigane takes more of an interest in electric guitar and learning how to rap. He sees music as more than just something that sounds pleasant.

“Music is release, if you’re feeling angry you can come in here and bang on the drums and let it all out,” he said. “Your heart beats along with the music, it’s so important,” Madigane added.

He also determined if he ever were to have a ‘man cave’, it would look like that studio.

The studio is staffed by Notes For Notes, a non profit music education organization with locations throughout America.

Senior program director and Australian native Patrick Torres had a word of advice for the two boys.

“Music is always an option, it’s something you will have your entire life,” he explained.

Patrick realized towards the end of his high school years that music was his passion and what he wanted make his career.

After years as a successful touring and recording artist, Patrick wants to pass along his knowledge.

“We’re effecting the right people, this is the next generation we have the privilege to teach music to, they are my boss” he said.

The studio is also a radio station for children to record podcasts in addition to music.

Notes For Notes also has a wish list, where kids write down the names of performers they would like to see come to the studio and then Notes For Notes and the Garden of Dreams do what they can to make it happen.

Children also now have a dedicated space to rehearse for a once-in-a-lifetime performance on the Great Stage of Radio City Music Hall in the Garden of Dreams Talent Show next year.

Both Madigane and Munir want to take music with them wherever they go.

After some careful thought, Munir decided his rapper/DJ name would be DJ Jake after a game he likes to play, Madigane went with Crazy Jigs.

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