Local businesses temporarily close in response to Coronavirus scare

Many businesses in the Bronx, among most other places in the United States, have either limited service or closed down indefinitely in response to the recentCoronavirus (COVID-19) scare.

Bronx businesses and organizations that have closed down or limited service included Wendy’s, T-Mobile, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Popeye’s, Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo, among other local and borough establishments.

All schools,  libraries and community boards have also been closed down temporarily. Nursing homes have also restricted visitation to medical family members.


Sign displayed on door at Wendy’s stating that the dining room is only open for carry-out deliveries.Photo by Jewel Webber
Signs and notices on display at T-Mobile.Photo by Jewel Webber
Sign displayed on door at Taco Bell on 149th Street.Photo by Jewel Webber
Notice at a McDonald’s on Grand Concourse stating that it will only allow take-out service.Photo by Jewel Webber
Notice outside of Popeye’s, only offering To Go items or orders through the drive-thru.Photo by Jewel Webber
Signs and notices outside P.S. 72.Photo by Aracelis Batista
New York Public Library temporary closing sign, stating all libraries will be closed beginning Saturday, March 14 through Tuesday, March 31.Photo by Aracelis Batista
Signs outside of Bronxwood Assisted Living, located on Gun Hill Road and Barnes Avenue.Photo by Jewel Webber
Grab N’ Go Meals sign outside of Evander Childs High School.
New York Public Library’s Pelham Bay branch, closed temporarily.Photo by Aracelis Batista
Closed sign outside Boys Prep School.Photo by Jewel Webber

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