LISTEN: ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro talks new show ‘Big Time Bake,’ advice to at home bakers

Host Buddy Valastro, as seen on Big Time Bake, Season 1.
Host Buddy Valastro, as seen on Big Time Bake, Season 1. (Frank PR)

The one and only ‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro returns to the Food Network tonight at 9:00 p.m. to judge a new baking competition show called ‘Big Time Bake.’

It’s nature is different from that other baking competitions, this cookie, cake, and cupcake race allows competitors to work under the confines of a running, six hour clock rather than going station by station — something that Valastro told amNewYork Metro will give it a much more natural feel.

“You see a lot of these competition shows and there’s a cupcake round, a cookie round, and a cake round, well that’s not really how it works in a bakery,” he said, adding that “it’s really cut and dry — they are working like the would in their bakery.”

In that six-hour time frame, the competitors must bake creatively and strategically to a surprise theme, one of which will be underwater, the ‘Cake Boss’ noted.

Valastro and his guest judges such as Nacho Aguirre, Ralph Attanasia, Zoe Francois, Tregaye Frasier, Dan Langan, Lorraine Pascale, Aarti Sequeira, Thiago Silva, and Kristen Tomlan will visit each baker’s station every two hours to taste and critique their sweets, bumping off competitors as they go.

“Boom their kitchen’s closed,” Valastro told.

First they taste the cookies at a tour hour mark, then cupcakes are due four hours in, then the remaining two bakers will work on a cake to conclude final two hours of each ‘Big Time Bake’ episode.

“You see some people’s strategy it’s about time management, it’s about kind of how much emphasis do I put in the cookies and the cupcakes,” he said.

“You might be the best cake decorator out of any of the competitors, but if you don’t make it past the cookie round it doesn’t matter,” Valastro added.

The ‘Cake Boss’ also insighted some wisdom to novice bakers that have utilized the COVID-19 pandemic to begin their culinary concoctions, recommending to start with tiramisu.

“It’s kind of a layering dish, so you can make it in a casserole it’s almost like making a lasagna,” Valastro explained.

Fans can head to for a closer look at the show’s over-the-top cakes, cookies and cupcake creations, as well as learn some of Buddy Valastro’s best baking tips.

Also, follow the competition and join in on the conversation on social media using #BigTimeBake.

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