Letter: We need to protect Medicare Advantage for our seniors

Home caregiver helping a senior man standing up at home
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To the Editor,

Working as a doctor in the Bronx for more than 20 years as former chief medical officer of St. Barnabas Hospital, I have had the opportunity to observe the medical landscape of both the Bronx and New York State.

For me, some of the most powerful moments were when I was able to see seniors from the community receive preventive healthcare, primary care, and recover from illness and injury. While the medical care they received was a critical piece of the puzzle, I was especially grateful for the relief patients felt when they realized that their insurance covered the cost of their care.

An important part of this protection is the access and availability of a Medicare Advantage plan for seniors, making procedures and treatments affordable that would otherwise be out of reach. No one should ever have to forgo care because they are afraid of what their bill might be, and Medicare Advantage assures our seniors they will never face that concern.

With all of the good Medicare Advantage has done for seniors in the Bronx, it is my hope that Rep. Torres and Sen. Schumer will keep fighting to protect this program from cuts. Medicare Advantage is our seniors’ ticket to a healthier and stable future.

Jerry Balentine

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