Letter: Voters had good reason to not vote for Zeldin

GOP nominee Lee Zeldin has called out Gov. Kathy Hochul for refusing to commit to more gubernatorial debates.
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To the Editor,

In reference to “New York voters are just plain ‘stupid,'” we have seen the Zeldin, Republican dog and pony show before. Histrionics about crime, inflation, gas prices, no police protection, etc. Yes, Zeldin was very good with the platitudes and easy answers “take criminals and homeless off the streets.” But what’s the plan; specifics of how you would realistically fix it.

Republicans are great about screaming about everything that is wrong, but they are very short on actual solutions. Yes, New York and the country have many serious problems, we all know that. Calling people stupid because they didn’t fall for the Zeldin show is not only insulting, it is stupid.

Sandi Lusk

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