Letter: Vernuccio column is on point, to a point

The Bronx Feels The Bern!
Photo Silvio Pacifico
To the Editor,
While I essentially agree with Frank Vernuccio’s latest column “The Left supports socialism over capitalism,” several items I must take issue with.
While I agree capitalism is the best system we have, it is far from perfect. Our capitalistic system sees people such as athletes and musical performers making more money than they’ll ever know what to do with, while those who perform vital services such as taxi drivers, deliveristas, and social workers barely making a living.
When I was a sophomore in high school, we reviewed the phrase “all men are created equal,” the cousin of “liberty and justice for all.” The teacher said, “you got a guy who can afford only a legal aid lawyer, you got a guy who can afford the best lawyer money can buy, who’s going to get more justice?”
If the Chinese are buying more and more of this country, who is at fault? The Progressives or the people that vote — or don’t vote — thus allowing this to happen?
Nat Weiner

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