Letter to the Editor – Senator Klein

(The following letter was sent to Senator Jeff Klein, re thanks)

Dear Senator Klein.

The faculty, staff, parents, and students at St.Dominic School in the Bronx want to express their utmost gratitude for your generous gift of $50,000. As you are fully aware, the school has been in dire need of new windows for quite some time.We have stoically and patiently endured all types of weather conditions inside the classrooms such as: freezing cold, intense heat, and rain seepage.

We have prayed unceasingly for God’s intercession in this matter and he has generously answered our prayers.Words can not express the appreciation of all of us at St. Dominic School.We wish you success in all your endeavors.May God constantly guide you in assisting the private schools, such as St. Dominic’s, whenever possible.

Once again, thank you fromthe bottom of our hearts.

Kathleen Canzoniero

Teacher of 4th Grade

St. Dominic School


(718) 822-1270

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