Letter: Albany needs to pass the Local Journalism Sustainability Act

daily papers with news on the computer
Pile of daily papers with news on the computer
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To the Editor,

Passage of the Local Journalism Sustainability Act by the state Legislature is important to assure survival of local journalism. Most communities are down to one local daily or weekly newspaper. Newspapers have to deal with increasing costs for newsprint, delivery and distribution, along with reduced advertising revenues and competition from the internet and other news information sources.

Daily newspapers concentrate on international, Washington, Albany, business and sports stories. They have few reporters covering local neighborhood news.

Weekly newspapers fill the void for coverage of local community news.

Albany needs to join us in supporting weekly community newspapers. Readers patronize advertisers; they provide the revenues to help keep them in business. Let us hope there continues to be room for everyone, including the Bronx Times and Bronx Times Reporter.

Larry Penner