Letter: Correcting the record

Michael Bloomberg with President George W. Bush in 2003.
White House photo by Eric Draper
To the Editor,
Re: Pascual Pelosi’s latest opinion piece in the Jan. 7 edition of this newspaper.

The doctor’s name is Spiegel, not “Siegel” — a minor point. What’s not minor, in researching Dr. Spiegel, in December 2018, Spiegel said he hadn’t visited the border recently. This makes me question how knowledgeable he is on the subject.

Dr. Spiegel is the head of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, named after Michael Bloomberg, whose feelings about being pro open border and amnesty are very well documented. I’m not making a statement for or against this very contentious issue. I’m not implying Michael Bloomberg says, “I’ll give you money if you come out in favor of this.” I am saying that an organization accepting donations under these circumstances at the very least gives pause to question the organization’s objectivity.

Nor have I been able to find any evidence of this study cited by Mr. Pelosi who quotes Dr. Spiegel. I welcome any rebuttal on this.

The far left says all illegal immigrants are good, the far right says they’re all bad. I think the truth lies in the middle. But I also find it impossible to believe that people so desperate to come here they’ll swim across the Rio Grande or risk death from heat traveling in the back of a truck in the Yuma, Arizona, desert are receiving the very best of medical care.

As far as Mr. Pelosi’s study cited about crime versus immigrants, it is in Texas only. It would be helpful to have more states.

As far as the conservative columnist being in favor of parents deciding curriculum, Mr. Pelosi makes a point that is if not legitimate at least debatable. But so does Mr. Vernuccio. Parents shouldn’t necessarily decide curriculum, but have a real voice in it.

I agree with Mr. Pelosi that a transition from fossil fuels to “clean” energy is vital. But we are not at the point at which we can totally rely on wind, solar, etc.

Yet again, I would strongly urge Mr. Pelosi not to confuse the message with the messenger.

Nat Weiner

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