Letter: Conservative columnist offers no evidence

Capitol Building After January 6 Attack
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To the Editor,

In the July 30 “COMACTA” column, extreme right wing allegations and conclusions were presented as if they had a basis in fact, yet no evidence was offered to support these spurious claims. Victimhood and fear were used to buttress the author’s views rather than reason and logic.

The author claimed that those who support right wing goals were being unfairly labeled “white supremacists” by the media but provided not one example to support this spurious claim. He also downplayed the threat of right-wing extremist violence calling it “isolated” and the work of “minor organizations.” Apparently the columnist has no knowledge of the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers, despite their national notoriety. And stopped reading the newspapers on Jan. 5.

Yet those who disagree with the cynical sentiments of the gentleman are presented as violent hordes bent on destruction and mayhem. He alludes to “massive evidence” that these groups should be considered terrorists, offering not a scintilla of such evidence. Victimhood and fear are used by many on the right; these are the only tools available to them since the facts do not support their ideology.

Pasqual Pelosi

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