Letter: Author isn’t consistent on persecution issues

BLM Protest in Parkchester3
A Black Lives Matter protest march in Parkchester on June 10, 2020.
Photo Jewel Webber

To the Editor,

Re: “‘Shame on’ state leaders for not reviewing how the Holocaust is taught in schools”

Larry Penner excoriates various elected officials for not signing off on a bill regarding Holocaust education in high schools. This letter is the latest demonstration of how the author will say anything to satisfy his insatiable addiction to seeing his name in print.

On March 8, 2021, the author had a letter posted in “The Island Now 360,” discussing how impractical, unnecessary and expensive reparations to Blacks are. I agree with the author as to the impracticality of reparations. However, the author goes on to say how everything has basically been hunky dory for Blacks since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He ignores the atrocities committed against Blacks for three-plus centuries. He ignores the fact that lynchings took place well into the 1960s, and the abuses the Little Rock 9 endured integrating Central High School in 1957.

The author’s attitude toward reparations reminds me of the husband or wife caught in adultery who vows to stop the affair and work on the marriage. “It’s over. Just get over it. But I will never forget the pain inflicted on me.”

Why is it that, according to the author, Jews should never forget their pain but Blacks just need to get over their pain? Which incidentally, is in the more recent past.

Nat Weiner

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