Letter: Author could do more than just opine

According to the city’s Board of Elections, approximately 20,590 Bronx residents took advantage of early voting.
To the Editor,
Re: “There are no losers in the City Council speaker’s race,” in the Dec. 24 print edition of the Bronx Times and Bronx Times Reporter.
The author misses very critical points. When de Blasio first became mayor he eliminated compensation for committee chairmanships that paid $10,000 each. So I’m not quite following why Mr. Penner feels they are at “taxpayer expense.” Even if it was at taxpayer expense, why does this concern the author? He does not live in New York City. He does not pay local income tax.
Week after week, year after year, the author writes the newspapers complaining about problems. He is absolutely entitled to do so. Talking about the problem is good up to a certain point, but what exactly is the author’s solution?
The Hatch Act prevents me from running for paid partisan office, but I can run for unpaid party position. I’m the treasurer and a district leader for the political party I am enrolled in. I’ve also volunteered four hours over the past six Saturdays to an organization that assists the low income and indigent with legal services. I sent a resume to Adams’ transition team, although I received no response. I’m not deluding myself into believing I’m setting the political or volunteer world on fire. I’m trying. What is the author doing other than pounding out opinion piece after opinion piece?
Getting back to “at taxpayer expense,” the problem is not the politicians, it is the citizens. I had to knock on between five and 10 doors to obtain one petition signature in the freezing March cold — it used to be the blistering June and July heat — on the very hard Parkchester pavement. Pre-COVID, my parents came from New Mexico to New York at petition time and my father and I logged countless hours together in the car. The turnout rates for primary and general elections is around 20%. If the citizens do not vote, do not participate in the process, do not sign petitions, or as in the case of the author, fill the role of “keyboard warrior,” why does the author expect different results?
Nat Weiner

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