Letter: Progressives are not anti-Semites

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To the Editor,

A few observations regarding the latest COMACTA column follow. The author falsely stated that the U.S. withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal due to …”Iran’s persistent violations…”, when in reality Iran renewed its nuclear efforts only after Trump unilaterally decided to abandon the agreement. Progressive politicians are then accused of harboring anti-Semitic attitudes and, as usual, no evidence is offered to support this opinion.
Real anti-Semites were present at the “Unite the Right” rally, as hard-right extremists marched while chanting, “Jews will not replace us,” but the author did not mention this embarrassing fact since it undercuts his false narrative.
The author implies that Progressives seek to deny Israel the right to self defense, which is a fiction. However, they do not blindly support every Israeli policy simply because that country is a U.S. ally. Progressives are critical of the settlements in occupied territories designated as illegal by the United Nations and the near apartheid conditions forced upon the Palestinian people. Treating Palestinians as people does not equate to an anti-Israel or anti-Semitic mindset; it does indicate a concern for all humans.
Vice President Harris is criticized for visiting a family whose son was shot multiple times in the back by police and paralyzed from the waist down as a result. The father of the victim is, without proof of course, said to be a supporter of the Black Muslims. Next, the author references a study published by the Gatestone Institute, an outfit that Wikipedia notes “…has attracted attention for publishing false and inaccurate articles…”. Oftentimes the columnist offers no source for his strident opinions, but if a source is cited by the right-wing extremist you can bet that it is either very suspect or quite possibly a hate group. Yet the circus continues.
Pasqual Pelosi

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