Latinas Hat Society Fundraising Gala

Latinas Hat Society Fundraising Gala|Latinas Hat Society Fundraising Gala
Julia Cruz (r), Social Services and Admissions director, accepted the Latinas Hat Society’s generous $10,000 donation on behalf of St. Vincent De Paul.
Photo courtesy of LHS

The Latinas Hat Society, a NYC-based non-profit founded in August 2009, will continue its legacy after founder and former president Ibon Pedraza relocated out of NYC.

Her daughter Monica Sanchez and her sisters-in-arms recently formed LHS’ second generation and celebrated its annual gala.

(l-r) First generation Latinas Hat Society members Connie Verjes, Auria Roman-Santiago, Iris Santiago, Anna Hernandez, Ibon Pedraza, Brunilda Rodriguez, Anna Zayas, Cathy Pantoja and Evelyn Castro.
Photo courtesy of LHS

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