Ladies Choice to take B. Brown’s old location

Ladies Choice, currently at 73 Westchester Square, will soon relocate two doors down to the previous B. Brown Jewelers store for more space and convenience. Changes are expected to be made to store’s previously well-known facade. - Photo by Walter Pofeldt

As Westchester Square continues to evolve, one local business owner is taking advantage of an opening on the strip.

Looking for additional retail space and desired convenience, Ladies Choice, currently at 73 Westchester Square, will soon make the move a couple of doors down as a tenant of a building recently purchased by Anthony and Christopher Scovotti.

A former tenant, B. Brown Jewelers, moved from the location almost one year ago. 

Ladies Choice is presently located directly behind a bus stop, Adu Sow, the owner, said, and is somewhat of a parking nightmare for customers, which hurts his business.

“You try to spend four dollars and you get a $150 ticket,” Sow said. “You don’t want to come back.” 

He added that at approximately 1,500 square feet, the new store will provide much needed space for his business – including a basement.

“If you have more space, it’s more comfortable and that’s better,” he added.

Having been on the square for the previous eight years, Sow said that while business is constantly changing, he’s interested to see how the once budding shopping district will fare in the future.

The Scovotti brothers agreed.

Anthony Scovotti said he and his brother Christopher are always on the lookout for properties with potential and are pleased with their purchase of 71 Westchester Square.

After being approached by several interested parties, Anthony said they eventually decided to rent the space to Sow because of his good reputation and longevity in the neighborhood.

Now that the property sale’s complete, the real work begins.

Starting with the store’s outward appearance, Anthony said they would soon remove the barbed wire that currently guard’s the buildings roofline. He said that while it made sense for a jewelry store, it’s completely unnecessary for the incoming tenant.

“We hope to take that down and update the front,” Anthony said about the current exterior.

Sow will also add his touch with a new store front and awning.

“So it’s going to look dramatically different,” Anthony said. “It’s going to look like a whole new building.”

He added that he plans on waiting for Sow to conduct interior demolition before establishing further plans for the space.

Work is expected to being in June with the new Ladies Choice clothing store opening a month or two later.

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