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The next meeting of the Theodore Korony Post 253 will be at the Turner Club, third Sunday, November 16, at 11 a.m. sharp, please. Thanks to Ronald Raush of Edgewater Park for the donation of the large bridge flag. We’ll fix up the edges and put her to good use. And thanks to all our local merchants for displaying our parade flyers.

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Here’s our local calendar of events:

November 9, Annual Veterans Day Parade starts at Lafayette Avenue at nooon.

November 11, Veterans Day ceremony at the Winged Victory Monument at 10:30 a.m.

November 14, Military Ball at Villa Barone Manor.

November 21, Bingo! For Support The Troops at Post 620, 7 p.m. Tickets required and maybe some music upstairs.

December 13, VA Hospital Gift Shop and Holiday Dinner.

December 14, Bronx County Christmas Party. Free coffee and doughnuts before the parade and free buffet after the parade at Linda’s Place.

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This Election Day there was an item I, for one, hope will pass. There is a current rule that awards point on civil service exams to veterans based on their receipt of benefits from the V.A. A vote for the legislation relaxes that burden of proof for the veteran seeking the exam points. If it didn’t make it, let’s work on it. Our local musician, buddy Fish Altieri, had great comments about the economy last issue. A petition to help veterans (and other political issues) can be found at chooseorloose.com, check it out.

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