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See your veteran’s and community’s activities here. Call (347) 672-4918. Congratulations to all of our Bronx County officers on their election. Let’s get all the posts working together for a great year.

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It’s time to replace those flags. Someone asked me where they could buy a US flag kit. Of course I said, “at a store.” Actually, you can purchase a complete flag outfit, many styles and prices, through the American Legion National Emblem Sales. Profits go to support the troops, help disabled vets and  longtime Legion causes. The number is (888) 453-4466. Please considering purchasing your next flag from them.

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Don’t forget the Legion’s main site, ww.legion.org. There will be a dedication in Normandy, France this September in honor of the over 1,000 navy personnel killed at the beach invasion. Check out www.navalorder.org. As always, we’re at Korony253@yahoo.com/groups. I checked out Military.com and fell for it. Signed up, posted my ribbons and all that. Cool or dorky? I haven’t decided.


I’m sitting here in disbelief that the Supreme Court would grant foreign prisoners of a conflict, probably foreign operatives who hate America, the same trial rights as the average American accused of stealing a bike. Whether this affects anything or not, the decision sends a message to the world and unfortunately to our ground troops sitting in hot sand and eating out of a can.

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“Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” – Abe Lincoln

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