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October 21 is Belly Bomber Bingo! Bingo and White Castles at the VA Hospital, 6 p.m. Helpers always welcome.

November 11, Veteran’s Day, the USS Intrepid returns to her Manhattan berth, ship shape and Bristol fashion, proudly displaying the history of our sailors and air crews.

November 14, 7 p.m. we’ll have our County Military Ball (dinner dance).

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On October 11, there will be the Throggs Neck Merchants Fair down E. Tremont Avenue. We’ll be there at Linda’s Place recruiting and raising funds for Support the Troops packages, so please stop by. Ladies and Sons welcome.

October 13, happy Columbus Day. Parade on October 12 in Morris Park.

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The next meeting of Korony Post 253 will be at the Turner Club, third Sunday, October 19, at 11 a.m. Ladies and Sons to follow at noon.

Late congratulations to Judy Lanci, elected County Auxiliary President and First District Auxiliary Vice President.

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Now this is serious, really. This is not like the movie where the teenagers fight off the Russians parachuting into Kansas. A uniformed, heavily armed force is attacking, across our south west border, shooting at U.S. citizens. They have a small air force, flying unchallenged in U.S. air space. They have a small navy (several mini-subs have been stopped by the Coast Guard). They have military hospitals, forgery, counterfeit and language experts. Guess yet? It’s the Mexican drug and human smuggling cartel. Their economy is better than ours right night. The documentary is Boarder (boarder the movie.com). Someone risked their life to film this, we can at least spread the word. Maybe we should have a Department of Homeland Security or something.

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