Koppell-Klein race off and running

From oogling young Dominican girls with his ever-present video camera to a too-much-information selfie in his dentist’s chair, Assemblyman Jose Rivera just can’t seem to stop. But puleeeeeze! No selfies at the proctologist’s....


Okay, now that Oliver Koppell has officially come out swinging at Senator Jeff Klein for his 34th Senate District seat, let the games begin.

Koppell officially announced Monday, May 5 that he’s challenging Jeff, citing his “desertion of the Democratic Party” by allying his five-member breakaway Independent Democratic Conference with Senate Republicans as a co-leader, taking away majority rule from the duly elected Democratic Conference.

Most quarters are looking at this brawl as an uphill fight for Ollie, who has a lotta fundraising and endorsement work to do to match Klein’s mega-war chest, multi-union loyalty and the political backing of just about every elected and party official in the Bronx.

Democratic Conference spokesman Mike Murphy said leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and her members will be supporting the former City Councilman/Assemblyman/state Attorney General. How much, with some heated serious races elsewhere around the state, remains to be seen.

Ollie could be surprised by his own political clubhouse over past perceived political sins when it comes to who it endorses. A lotta club folks are still grumbling over him supporting former County leader Jose Rivera in the Rainbow Revolution that toppled Jose, and sponsoring the bill that gave councilmembers and Republican/Independent Mayor Mike Bloomberg third terms.

“This is going to be very divisive – very divisive,” said one long-time insider at the Ben Franklin Reform Democratic Club, which will meet May 22 to decide on an endorsement. “I think Ollie is going to be surprised – and not for the better.”


Camilla Pinkney-Price, former deputy chief of staff to Boro Prez Ruben Diaz Jr., suing for discrimination after her firing last year, has gotten the go-ahead for a full hearing before an administrative law judge – with subpena and sworn testimony powers – after the state Division of Human Rights found probable cause.

Camilla, who spent 17 years with Ruben and Ruben Sr. in various positions, claims, among other things, a pattern of African-American employees being separated and replaced by non-African Americans in the BP’s office.

The BP’s lawyer claims she was let go after a series of warnings over various issues, including inappropriate behavior. And the lawyers get rich….


We love this tale from a South Bronx detective buddy:

“Overly aggressive, condescending defense attorney tells me three times in five minutes that she has invoked her 16-year-old client’s right to counsel and I cannot question him. No problem.

“Attorney then goes in to speak with him in private.

“Attorney exits covered head to toe in milk, poured on her by the same client.

Karma 1, Defense 0.

“I said to the attorney “I’d love to ask him what happened and why he did that to you, but, well, I can’t, you see.”


May 10 – Former Morris Park Assemblywoman Naomi (Snooki) Rivera.

May 12 – Comedian George Carlin.

May 15 – Actor/playwright Chazz Palminteri.


Sorry to all you hot gossip junkies, but we’ll be taking a one week break to recharge the old batteries. See yuh two weeks from now.

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