KFC test-markets its new hot-honey chicken locally

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 1959 Bruckner Boulevard is among the KFCs in the Bronx test marketing its new hot honey chicken. The Bronx Times Reporter sampled it on Thursday, November 9.
Community News Group/Bob Guiliano

The Bronx Times Reporter dispatched a hungry reviewer to a local Kentucky Fried Chicken to try its newest offering being test-marketed in the Bronx for a limited time.

The site of choice was 1959 Bruckner Boulevard on Thursday, November 9, for an all-expenses paid lunch/work break.

The order, chicken tenders, with iced tea, was not too hot, not too sweet – and as Goldilocks said after she sampled the Three Bears’ porridge – the taste of this dish was “just right.”

Crispy chicken tenders, doused with sweet honey and a kick of heat from spicy peppers, challenged the palate, and were mellowed with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, and a tasty biscuit. Butter on the biscuit can provide some added heat relief.

Sodas are not exactly the choice drink when trying to douse the heat of hot peppers, since carbonation tends to exacerbate the heat, so iced tea was selected.

KFC’s new southern-inspired flavor, Hot Honey Chicken — extra crispy chicken with a sweet-heat hot honey sauce — is being marketed in select restaurants throughout Norfolk, VA, as well as the Bronx for a limited time, according to the company.

Other participating KFC locations in the Bronx are: 1731 Webster Avenue, 375 E. 149th Street, and 1125 E. Gun Hill Road.

Billed as an authentic southern mash-up created by blending golden honey with mild peppers, a balance of sweet and heat.

The Hot Honey sauce complements KFC’s Extra Crispy Chicken, creating a crunchy, sweet-heat flavor with every bite.

The sauce is available on extra crispy tenders, Chicken Littles, and extra crispy chicken.

Along with the new crispy, sweet-heat flavor, KFC also introduced a new Kentucky colonel unlike ever before with the Colonel Bear, marking the first time that Colonel Sanders is not personified by a human or by a human form.

The honey bear-ified version of the original chicken salesman, Colonel Harland Sanders, thinks he’s welcome everywhere (because he’s so cute) and has an unquenchable desire to sell Hot Honey Chicken all the time (regardless of whether it’s a good time to talk about chicken or not).

“The crispy sweet-heat of Hot Honey Chicken creates a finger lickin’ good flavor that you can’t resist,” said Mike Wesley, KFC U.S. senior marketing director. “And equally as irresistible is Colonel Bear — our cutest colonel yet.

Marking the fourth southern-inspired flavor by KFC, Hot Honey Chicken follows the successful national launch of spicy, smoky, crispy Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ and the introduction of Smoky Mountain BBQ Fried Chicken with test markets in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Chicago in August.

In addition to the new Hot Honey Chicken, select restaurants in the Bronx will offer patrons a taste of KFC’s Smoky Mountain BBQ for a limited time.

The crispy, sweet, smoky flavor is in Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles, and Extra Crispy Chicken.

KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, KY, is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, with nearly 21,000 outlets in almost 130 countries and territories around the world, according to the news release.

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