John Purcell Memorial Run

Participants Ray Purcell, brother of John Purcell (5th from r), with (l-r) Rickey Ricciardi, Eddie McPartland, Eddie O’Donnell, John Squitieri, Nathan Gold, Mike Telesco, John Marano, Maurizio Marciano, Arcangel Martinez and Leo Vasquez.
Photo by Laura Stone

The second annual John Purcell Memorial Run was held on Sunday, September 15 starting at 3333 E. Tremont Avenue before traveling through OBI on Ocean Parkway, Port Jefferson to catch the ferry to Connecticut and then a scenic ride to New Milford for lunch at the Smokehouse. Purcell was a 15-year veteran NYC Department of Sanitation supervisor.

(l-r) Eddie O’Donnell, Maurizio Marciano, Rickey Ricciardi and John Marano participated.
Photo by Laura Stone

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