Jewish Home presents ‘Dancing Like The Stars’

The Adult Day Care program at Jewish Home Lifecare, located 2545 University Avenue, hosted a ‘Dancing Like the Stars’ competition to promote social interaction and a fun way to gain health benefits. (l-r) Louie Vargas, Nancy Madera, Christopher Daroczy, Herbert Wolf, Anafe Casas Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Gliding across the floor and moving to the beat, the participants in the Adult Day Care program of Jewish Home Lifecare had their chance to ‘Dance Like the Stars.’

Inspired by the hit television show ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Adult Day clients from Jewish Home Lifecare, located 2545 University Avenue, were paired with a trained staff member to compete against one another on Thursday, May 28, after several weeks of vigorous training.

The contest not only promoted social interaction, but also a healthier lifestyle. Participants had fun while burning calories, increasing flexibility and balance, strengthening their bones, and building endurance.

“My doctor is so impressed because the dancing helped me gain balance, lose weight, and helped with my diabetes,” said Herbert Wolf.

Assemblyman Jose Rivera was present to enjoy the show, demonstrating his Salsa in front of judges as a guest performer.

“I look forward to continue to work with Jewish Home Lifecare,” said Rivera. “This has been a difficult year, and it is places like this that make sure our neighborhoods are not deprived of any services.”

The panel of judges determined the winners to be a tie between Nancy Madera and Louie Vargas, performing Salsa, and Herbert Wolf and Anafe Casas, performing the Tango.

“Many of our clients’ are fans of the show and enjoy dancing,” said Christopher Daroczy, recreation supervisor. “I was impressed to see the time the staff spent working with the clients and how much the clients enjoyed the extra one on one time and the health benefits they received.

The Adult Care is aimed to provide medical services to the frail or elderly members of the community through nursing services, rehabilitation services, speech, occupational or physical therapies, and therapeutic and recreational activities.

“They are not able to do the things they used to do,” said Susan Holodack, Vice President of Daycare Services. “When they come here, our program allows them to come together to receive multiple services and socialization. It helps get their mind off of the other things they may be coping with.”

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