Illegal postings placed throughout Community Board 11

We Buy Houses postings have been posted on trees and telephone posts all over Community Board 11. Photo by Vito Signorile

Community Board 11 residents are beginning to grow impatient with illegal postings in their neighborhoods.

Earlier in November, signs began to show up on telephone poles and trees around Morris Park, Van Nest, and Pelham Gardens. The postings simply read: “We Buy Houses” and “We Buy Ugly Houses.”

The signs, which have a toll free number listed on them, have upset residents not only because of the way they are worded, but because they are being posted everywhere.

In total, 15 signs were found at 12 different locations. They can be seen along Morris Park Avenue on Fowler and Lurting avenues, along Astor Avenue on Fish and Morgan avenues, and along Van Nest Avenue on Hone, Paulding, Radcliff, Bogart, Matthews, Bronxdale, and Barnes avenues.

“Many people may not even realize it, but the law still exists that you cannot post bills or signs on these poles and trees,” said CB 11 member Joe Bombace. “The ones that say ‘we buy ugly houses’ are like a disgrace to these neighborhoods and a lot of people are getting offended. We want to know who these people are that claim that they buy houses and what do they do with them when they buy them.”

Some residents have called the toll-free number out of curiosity and left a voicemail for a man named Frank. On the recorded message, Frank does not leave a company name or any other information, but that if anyone has a house to sell, to leave a detailed message and he will return their call.

CB 11 district manager Jeremy Warneke has contacted the city Department of Sanitation. A supervisor told Warneke that summonses could be issued to the party responsible for posting the signs and that they will look into taking down the signs.

“We want these signs down, plain and simple. Our office is getting constant complaints about them,” Warneke said. “They’re posted everywhere and our residents know they’re illegal. They do not look good at all and we will get them down as soon as possible.”

Warneke said he is still waiting for a response from the Department of Sanitation to determine a solution, but if nothing is done, the Morris Park Community Association patrol may take down the signs.

“It’s all a scam, these people who post these signs aren’t reputable. They just write these signs with a marker,” Bombace said. “These signs are going to come down one way or another, and we will make sure they do not come back up.”

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