Ice House grabs Wing Cook-Off title once again

Melissa Beck and Megan Smith try out some wings before Maritime’s home opening football game. Photo by Victor Chu

It was dubbed ‘Wing Cook-Off Part Deux.’ For the second time, as a kick-off to football season, local restaurants competed against one another to woo voters in S.U.N.Y. Maritime’s wing contest – testing whose wings were the tastiest.

Participating restaurants were The Harbour Inn, Jimmy Ryan’s, P.J. Brady’s, Silver Beach Deli, The Ice House Café, and The Wicked Wolf. The contest served up free helpings of mouth-watering chicken – everything from teriyaki to pumpkin seed flavored wings – before the start of Maritime’s first home football game against Wagner College on Thursday, September 10.

Maritime’s football team went down in defeat, losing 41-40 in heartbreaker. But for the second time in a row, The Icehouse Café was announced as the wing-winner at half time, with The Harbour Inn as first runner up. Those attending the game voted on their favorites.

“We have diversified our wing selection from the very sweet to the very hot,” said Lou Bersico, of winner The Icehoue Café. “We have dips like pumpkinseed which no one else matches. We try to have a wide variety of sauces because not everybody likes a very hot wing. Any time you have more variety, people get to try different kinds of wings, and they like that.”

The Harbour Inn was secretive about its recipe for success, so as to not give anything away to the competition.

“The secret our wings is Chef Leo and his secret recipe,” said Megan Schanter of The Harbour Inn.

Other contestants spoke of the exotic dressing and flavors of their wings.

“The wings we do are in oriental style and are hot – very hot,” said Irene Mciliree of the Silver Beach Deli, which participated for the first time this year. “We make all kinds of different wings to cater to people’s palates. This includes hot wings, teriyaki chicken, sweet and sour, and mild.”

Maritime College dean of students Erik Kneubuehl said that the wing contest is a great way of bringing the community together with the student body, and introducing new students to the dinning options available around Throggs Neck and Pelham Bay.

“I think the wing contest is a great thing because it brings out the community and local restaurants to S.U.N.Y. Maritime where they can interact with the student body,” Kneubuehl said. “Our freshman are not allowed to go off campus, so this is an opportunity to experience local restaurants. Based on our experience last year, I understand that business improved as result of the contest as students ventured out to a number of restaurants.”

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