I.S. 181 delivers Haiti relief with Benedetto’s help

After helplessly waiting since the day after the Haiti earthquake to have someone help out, the donations from students at I.S. 181 Pablo Casals Middle School are now on their way to the people that need them.

Vice principal Nelson Medina had tried the Haitian consulate and Red Cross before he got in touch with Assemblyman Mike Benedetto.

Over the past few months, items were kept in classrooms, administrative offices, and in a storage room. Medina said that students had begun to notice the boxes and asked why they hadn’t gone out to Haiti yet.

“Our school respects human life and the need to help others,” said Medina, “So the kids were all eager to donate right away. It was sad the stuff stayed here so long.”

Representatives from Benedetto’s office, along with Claudienette Jean, wife of the singer Wyclef Jean who created the charity Yele Haiti, showed up at the school last Wednesday, April 14. Along with some students, they formed a long assembly line to help load up almost 40 boxes of clothing, food and medical supplies into two vans that went directly to the airport.

At last, these students can feel that their donations have made a difference.

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