Hope Center honors former U.S. Air Force helicopter pilot

Rodney Bradley Vet 2 Nov 2020
Hope Center honors veteran Rodney Bradley
Courtesy of Hope Center

Hope Center resident Rodney Bradley, 67, came from a lineage of military service family personnel where both his grandfather and brother served.

At the beginning of his career, Bradley trained in San Antonio, Texas and was as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. After proving himself a superior marksman, he was recruited as a marksmanship instructor during the Vietnam War, touting the proud motto, “I didn’t miss.”

When asked what advice would he give his younger self and his granddaughter, who joined the Army in her family’s footsteps, Bradley grinned widely and said, “do it all again!”

Bradley was admitted to Hope Center for heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Upon recovery, he was deemed too frail to continue living alone, so his family requested a bed at Hope Center and he has been there since April 2019. Both the staff and his fellow residents love to be around him as he smiles and treats everyone with respect.

“Rodney is an incredible genuine person,” said Tina Redwood, recreation director at Hope Center. “Of course we admire who he is and that he served our country with honor. Here at Hope Center he has easily become family to us.”

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