Hipaavideo.net brings you ‘Straight Talk: Health and Wellness’

Everything old can be new again … house calls are back! No more waiting for hours to see your doctor or therapist; appointments are made on your schedule.  Telemedicine brings professionals from every specialty through the computer into your home.

“Straight Talk” brings you a new health and wellness podcast, sponsored by Hipaavideo.net, the leading telemedicine company that brings total HIPAA compliance to a patient and doctor interactions.

Renowned journalist Geraldo Rivera and Victoria Schneps, president of Schneps Media, co-host this series exploring the benefits of telemedicine.

“It’s economical and a no-brainer for any professional. Our telemedicine platform is simple to use and HIPAA compliant,” said Vito Lomonaco, president and managing director of Hipaavideo.net. Craig Waldrep, vice president of product and client support, speaks about the benefits of the platform.

“We have great customer service, patients or clients can call in and speak to a live person. The feedback is very positive,” Waldrep said.

Hipaavideo.net is only $25 a month.

Plastic and reconstruction surgeon Joel Studin MD, FACS, who just started to treat patients through mobile phones and computers, uses Hipaavideo.net.

“I use it and it’s very convenient,” Dr. Studin said. “It cuts my office runs in the middle of the night by 75 to 80 percent and I avoid unnecessary trips to the office for patients.”

Congressman Tom Suozzi joins the podcast also talking about the benefits of telemedicine.

“Telemedicine is exploding in use,” said Schneps, and Geraldo agrees.

Tune in to the weekly podcast, where you’ll get “Straight Talk” from physicians, health professionals and newsmakers, bringing you valuable information to help you lead a healthier life.

Whether you are taking a walk, or staying home, you can get some “Straight Talk” right to your mobile device or computer or wherever podcasts are heard.

Click here to listen.

To learn more go to www.hippaavideo.net

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