Hey sarge! Panel puts Zagreda ‘At Arms’

Hey sarge! Panel puts Zagreda ‘At Arms’
Photo by Jaime Williams

Order on the community board!

An east Bronx board has elected a new member tasked with keeping meetings rolling — and on topic.

Frano Zagreda will take over as “Sergeant at Arms” of Community Board 11 starting July 1, after beating out fellow CB11 member Joe Bombace in a runoff election at the board’s June meeting.

Zagreda, a member of the northeast Bronx Community Association, will soon be charged with ensuring that the board’s monthly meetings go as planned and without distraction. He is also responsible for knowing the board’s bylaws like the back of his hand.

And he comes with high recommendations from the board’s chairman.

“He’s a no nonsense kind of guy,” said Tony Vitaliano. “He won’t be afraid to tell someone to be quiet.”

The board — which covers Morris Park, Van Nest, Pelham Parkway and Allerton – added the sergeant-at-arms position in 2013. Soon after, the board elected staunch local advocate Bombace to a one-year-term.

Zagreda will serve until June 2014, when he’ll be up for reelection himself. For now, he says he’s up to the challenge.

“I look forward to working with the whole board to ensure a smooth-running meeting,” Zagreda told the members of the board after winning the title.

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