Hair stylist for celebrities sets up shop in the Bronx

Dana Fiore working on one of her customers.
Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

Dana Fiore simply loves hair.

After spending 17 years working on 5th Avenue, she’s developed quite a hair styling talent to coincide with her passion.

The Allerton native began her hair styling career at age of 18, after she encountered “the worst experience of her life,” while having hair prepared for a senior prom.

Taking her mother’s strong suggestion to work in Manhattan, Dana fortunately began her career under the direction of Louis Licari, at his eponymous salon.

It was at that salon in midtown where she worked on the truses of Jessica Lange, Edward Norton, Jodi Foster and one of her most loyal clients, Katie Couric.

“Dana is such a talented hairdresser” said Katie Couric. “She knows how to work with so many different types of hair and almost has a sixth sense when it comes to figuring out what’s right for a client,” she added.

In 2006 Katie asked Dana to be her full-time hair stylist for the CBS Evening News and much more.

It was an offer that Dana proudly accepted.

Over the years of working in chic, upscale settings, Dana considered bringing the option of ‘Manhattan quality without Manhattan prices’ to her home borough – the Bronx.

“Why should only wealthy people have access to quality hair styling?” she asked. “Some people I’ve encountered along the way spend up to 40 or even 50 thousand dollars a year on their hair,” said Dana.

“My mother would never pay $500 for highlights,” she added.

Does that mean she should just get a mediocre $20 haircut? I didn’t think that was fair,” she added.

When Dana’s cousin had a bad experience locally that nearly ruined her hair, the incident convinced Dana to bring her talent home; all in the name of high-end service – sparing many customers a trip to Manhattan.

“The Bronx should have quality salons for the people that live and work here,” said Dana.

Dana and Katie Couric at Hair House
Courtesy of Dana Fiore

Dana opened Hair House in County Club in the spring of 2017 to bring high quality service and affordable pricing to the Bronx.

Hair House is one of few salons in the Bronx that offers specialty work with mutliple stylists.

“I was most nervous the first month the shop opened, I would panic at night wondering if this was a good idea,” said Dana.

“Once it started rolling, success has been consistently going up,” she added.

Since then, the sky has been the limit for Dana and her business.

Twenty-five percent of her Louis Licari clients followed her to the Bronx in her inaugural year, some coming from Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

“She’s a savvy businesswoman. If Dana weren’t doing hair she’d be running a Fortune 500 company.” said Katie. “She always has a brutally honest, no nonsense perspective which is really helpful. She’s one smart cookie and I’m extremely proud of her!” she added.

Katie Couric stopped in last week and comes in regularly for any specialty work she needs.

“These are women that can afford to stay at a Manhattan salon. But they’ve been my loyal customers,” said Dana. “Katie Couric could go anywhere,” she added.

Hair House donates to local schools in the area such as Our Lady of the Assumption, offering discounts for the school’s teachers.

The salon is also moving towards offering ‘do it yourself’ classes on hair coloring and does birthday parties for children.

Dana is preparing for her first full prom and wedding seasons in the coming months.

“I’m looking to grow the business and stay consistent over the next few years,” said Dana.

This past Wednesday, Dana was able to juggle an assignment at NBC studios to style Katie Couric’s hair before she went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, while her shop’s doors remained open for all of her customers.

Hair House before and after its completion.
Photo by Dana Fiore

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