Golfers tee off to fight cancer

Bill Evans (l) and Craig Forney played 18-holes of golf at Van Cortlandt Golf Course as part of their 50-state tour to raise money for breast cancer, prostate cancer, and melanoma research and treatment.

Two Atlanta based golfers are going to the extremes to raise money and awareness of melanoma, breast, and prostate cancer, playing 900 holes of golf at 50 public golf courses in 50 states, over a 50 day period, including a stop at Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course in Bronx.

Bill Evans, who has seen friends suffer from various forms of cancer, and his friend Craig Forney played a round of golf at Van Cortlandt Golf Course, in the center of the northwest Bronx, on the morning hours of Thursday, June 12.

The 18 holes in the Bronx were part of a whistle-stop tour of municipal courses begun on June 9 in Woodstock, Vermont and culminating with a round in Hawaii on July 22.

“We really loved the Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course,” said Evans. “It is the oldest municipal golf course in America, opening in 1895. It is a great old course.”

Evans, who grew up on Long Island, said he had roots in the Bronx.

“My mom is from the Bronx, and I had forgotten about that until I told her that I was playing at Van Cortlandt Golf Course,” Evans noted.

Evans and Forney had a 5:38 a.m. tee-off at Van Cortlandt, and Evans said it is indicative of the stamina needed for the 50-day tour.

“We are up at four a.m. every morning and don’t stop until 10 p.m. at night,” Evans stated.

The tour’s goal is to raise $1 million dollars for donations not just for cancer research institutions, but also for individuals suffering from melanoma, breast and prostate cancers.

The demanding schedule includes not only 3-4 hours of golf a day, but also visits with cancer patients at nearby hospitals, daily update to their blogs, shooting a documentary, and writing a book that chronicles their adventure.”

 “I will sacrifice sleep to make sure more people hear about this cause,” Forney explained. “We want people to come see us at the public golf courses, to visit our website and pledge donations for every hole we play, for every par and birdie we make, and for every course we play…or whatever. We just want to know that we have their support.”

To make a donation, go to or call (877) 949-5050.

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