Fordham musician Vero G. pens autobiography

Fordham musician Vero G. pens autobiography
Bronx musician Vero G. has released her autobiography.
Photo courtesy of Veronica Gonzalez

A Bronx musician’s message of perseverance is bound to resonate with many Bronx literary lovers.

Artist, model, actress, poet and screenwriter Veronica Ivette Gonzalez has released her self-published autobiography ‘Trials & Tribulations: An Autobiography of Vero G.’

The 34-year-old Fordham resident’s book describes her background and the many obstacles she has overcame.

From being a rape victim, domestic violence survivor, a single mother, homeless and pregnant, Gonzalez persevered through it all thanks to her love of music, faith and family.

The JM Empire Media-managed musician is best known by her moniker ‘Vero G.’ and her music which is a harmonic blend of R&B and hip hop.

Gonzalez began singing at 7-years-old and was part of the J.H.S. 22 School Choir and The Change Choir with Al Sharpton.

The Monroe College alumna cites Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Selena and Mariah Carey as her musical inspirations.

Music has remained as one of the few constants in her ever-changing life.

“Music has been my rock and my motivation while I was going through these traumatic experiences,” she explained.

Her music’s refreshing, upbeat sound inspires in her listeners a sense of confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Speaking to her accomplishments as an emerging artist, Gonzalez’s first-ever song ‘TearDrops’ earned her recognition by Beth Abraham Hospital Music Therapy Department in 2002.

She is best known for her singles ‘Addicted and ‘Clueless’ and her R&B/hip hop remix of the classic Lana Del Rey tune ‘Summertime Sadness.’

Gonzalez has given crowd-pleasing performances at such venues as the Nuyorican Poet’s Café, Village Underground and BronxNet’s ‘Open’ hosted by Rhina Valentin.

As part of the music industry, Gonzalez encourages everyone to open themselves up, fulfill their dreams and goals and explore their true talent as a gift for others to enjoy.

From an early age, Gonzalez’s parents have always inspired her to work hard and love what you do for a living.

She hopes that her autobiography, which is named after one of her songs, will inspire readers to believe in themselves and face any challenges their lives present.

Gonzalez’s passion for poetry is the driving force behind her lyrics.

A self-published poet, Gonzalez has previously released several poetry collections which include ‘My Life Stories,’ ‘All of Me,’ ‘Deep Thoughts,’ ‘Inside the Mind of Vero G.,’ ‘We Rise,’ ‘Starting All Over,’ ‘What’s Left of Me,’ ‘Speaking My Mind,’ ‘Soapbox Memories,’ ‘Collections,’ ‘Keeping It Real,’ ‘Springtime Confessions’ and ‘Hood Concepts.’

In her spare time, she models and has acted in several films including ‘The Interrogators’ by Milton Greene and ‘Sensory Deprivation’ and ‘Coincidental Killer’ by Shawn Raynor and the web series ‘Respect the Come Up’ by Brad ‘Bizzy’ Beauge.

Gonzalez’s music can be heard on her Facebook page Vero G., her Soundcloud Veronica Gonzalez 11 and her YouTube channel vero2884.

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