Fordham biz group wants to clean up plaza

The Fordham Road Business Improvement District is looking to move.

But not to worry. It just wants to stretch it’s coverage area along Fordham Road to outdoor Fordham Plaza at the eastern end of the major shopping strip.

To show what a difference a BID can make, it will be offering a preview of its sanitation services to the outdoor plaza, which sits between the Fordham Plaza office building and the former Sears building, now called Fordham Place with a towering office building added.

A number of street vendors also set up business in the plaza.

The cleanup demonstration will run through the middle of October.

The BID’s general boundaries are on East Fordham Road from Jerome Avenue to Third Avenue ending before the outdoor Fordham Plaza area.

The BID formally announced the demonstration program, which it’s calling A Taste of the BID, at a press conference on Wednesday, September 12.

The plaza sits on the south side of East Fordham Road, and is generally bounded by Webster, Third and Park avenues and 189th Street.

The entrances and exits to the Metro-North station sit across the street just at the southwestern corner of the Fordham University campus.

The Taste of the BID services are being generously supported by Fordham University, whose campus is directly across East Fordham Road.

The Fordham Road BID is a non-profit corporation under contract with the City of New York to provide supplementary services to the community. The BID focuses on sanitation, beautification, promotion and overall advocacy of the Fordham Road area – striving to make the district a more attractive and dynamic locale in which to shop, work and visit.

The BID boundaries extend from Third to Jerome Avenues along East Fordham Road and also includes the commercial areas on select side streets. The district is comprised of approximately 80 buildings and almost 300 businesses ranging from nationwide chains to locally-owned independent shops.

For more information about the BID, call (718) 562-2104 or go to

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