New Five Below discount store in Parkchester gains neighborhood fans

The discount chain Five Below, pictured on Feb. 21, 2024, has a new Parkchester location at Metropolitan Avenue and Yankee Mall.
Photo Emily Swanson

Parkchester bargain shoppers are finding it hard to resist the allure of the new Five Below store on Metropolitan Avenue.

Situated near the famed Macy’s store that opened in the 1940s, the new Five Below — which, as the name suggests, sells all items for $5 or less — opened in early December 2023 and has since quickly gained a neighborhood following. 

“We always get compliments ever since we opened,” said a 30-year-old employee who greeted everyone coming through the door with, “Hi, welcome to Five Below!” 

A selection of novelty tees. Photo Emily Swanson

The store on the busy retail corridor was leased by Olshan Properties, a private real estate firm based in New York City that owns and manages properties in 11 states.

Olshan declined to comment on the length of the lease but said in a statement announcing the deal, “We continue to embrace new retail partners, and the arrival of Five Below further enhances our distinguished roster of retailers. We are delighted to bring this dynamic and affordable shopping experience to the local community.”

The Bronx Times recently visited the store and found a wide variety of items for all ages: school supplies, books, toys and games, workout accessories, makeup, electronic accessories, novelty T-shirts, bulk and packaged candy, party decorations and more. 

Two ninth-graders, ages 14 and 15, told the Bronx Times that they are fans of the new store — and not just for shopping. 

“It’s a fun place to be around, just to come hang out,” said one of the girls as they looked at the jewelry display. Both teens said they live nearby and they enjoy visiting Five Below when hunting for small gifts, but also just to browse.

Another teen, 16-year-old Alexis Molina, said he was there with family because they found themselves with some extra money that didn’t have to go toward necessities. He was shopping “just for fun” for items for his room because Target, for example, is not really an affordable store, he said.

The store sells $5.55 knockoffs of the viral Stanley Quencher mugs, which can sell for upwards of $50. Photo Emily Swanson

Dez Armstrong, 43, was there with her daughter on a mission from Long Island to find something that she couldn’t find at the Five Below locations near her: Sonic the Hedgehog figurines. 

It turned out that the Parkchester store had “a lot more selection” than the Long Island stores, Armstrong said. She felt the store was “perfect for the area, especially with the pricing” and was thrilled to have accomplished her mission.

Customers aren’t the only ones who appreciate the new store. The cashier who greeted and assisted customers told the Bronx Times that she loves her job — much more than past jobs in fast food or retail. 

She started at the store when it opened and, not only is she a fan of the chain in general, but she said her team at the Parkchester location is excellent. 

“We communicate and work with each other,” she said, adding that she appreciates that the store is always clean and organized — to which customers have taken notice. 

The new Five Below joins several other locations throughout the Bronx on White Plains Road, Southern Boulevard, East Fordham Road and more. 

Visit the Parkchester store at 1451 Metropolitan Ave. from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays.

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