Ferry Point Civic Association

Lafayette Avenue and the Hutchinson River Parkway receives much needed attention in an attempt to deter further accidents.

The always dangerous Lafayette Avenue/Hutchinson River Parkway intersection has laid claim to an overabundance of accidents. This area has been a major concern for the Ferry Point Civic Association, who has geared its efforts towards securing a safer environment for the community. At a recent gathering, JoAnn Sohmers, president of Ferry Point, yet again voiced her concern for this intersection.

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto took the suggestions for the addition of official no  parking signage to a meeting with the Department of Transportation on July 16. Benedetto requested, on behalf of the Ferry Point community, no parking for approximately two car lengths on both sides of the tip of the meridian to increase visibility for motorists. A replacement for the missing no u-turn sign was also requested.

The Lafayette/Hutch intersection is heavily traveled by both vehicles and pedestrians. “We are confident that we will see these developments take affect in the very near future,” said JoAnn Sohmers. “This area is in much need for improvement.” This location is the major hub of the Ferry Point community and is continually accessed. With the opening of Home Depot, Ferry Point has seen a great increase in traffic and fears of more major accidents threatens the neighborhood.

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