Father pinned to tree

This memorial was placed on the tree where John Cedeno met his tragic end. Photo by Patrick Rocchio

A young man accidently pinned his father against a tree while learning how to park a car on E. Tremont Avenue, killing him. The tragic accident occurred after the family shared a meal together at a local restaurant.

John Cedeno, 43-years-old of Morris Morris Park, was killed as he was pinned against a tree on E. Tremont Avenue near Schley Avenue by his family’s Porsche SUV. The accident occurred at approximately 9 p.m. on Tuesday, August 18. Cedeno was unconscious and unresponsive at the scene.

Cedeno’s 13-year-old son was behind the wheel, learning how to drive when the car went into reverse, jamming his father who was standing next to the car against the tree. The family had just finished a meal at the Latin Kitchen at 3841 E. Tremont Avenue.

“It was an accident that could have happened at any time,” said Robert Vicente, one of the owners of the Latin Kitchen. “I guess [the driving] was a father-son bonding kind of thing. It is very unfortunate.”

Cedeno’s son is not suspected of any criminality, and police have said that the investigation into what happened is ongoing. There is a memorial with flowers, religious articles, and candles on the tree where the fatal accident happened.

Vicente said that his heart goes out to Cedeno’s son, who he thinks will now have to go through a long process of grieving to come to grips with the death of his father.

“At this point, the main concern should be about making sure that the child is being supported and is made to understand that what happened was an accident,” Vicente said. “It looks like he has a big, supportive family that hopefully will help in his recovery and healing process.”

Vicente and his partner have hired a public relations firm to repair any damage done to the image of the Latin Kitchen, a popular Throggs Neck eatery. Ironically, Vicente said that at the time of the accident he was at a fundraiser for a radio personality who had passed away at a very young age.

“It is a real terrible thing,” said John Reda, of Emilio’s Pizza, located next door to the Latin Kitchen at 3843 E. Tremont Avenue. “One of our customers went out and assisted the boy.”

Reda added: “I wonder what that kid is going through right now.”

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