Evander Tigers on prowl

The Evander Tigers have not been known for being a good football team over the last few years. The school has been overcoming some obstacles as the school was recently closed and turned into a campus. Still the boys of Evander tried to put all of that behind them and start the season off with a win.

The first half was relatively quiet with only one TD on the board. The scoring was provided by Far Rockaway’s Travis Wright on a running play in the first quarter. As the two teams came out from their halftime break, they both seemed discouraged with the Tigers looking more defeated than ferocious. The coach tried to put some life back in his team by telling them, “This is our game.”

The second half began even quietier, as the only TD attempt was made by Far Rockaway and was recalled for a holding penalty in the third quarter. The final minutes saw more action then the whole game.

The first minutes of the fourth quarter saw a TD from Evander, the first of the game, by Carlton Douglas. With the score even at 6, Far Rockaway answered back with two consecutive touchdowns by Daniel Marc and a second from Jevaughn Pinnock. This put the game in Far Rock’s hands as they led 22-6. Despite a last-ditch effort by the Tigers with two minutes remaining, and a TD by Chris Jones the Evander boys would end up short, losing 22-12.

Coach Joe Lewis told the players after the game that he was proud of their effort and their fighting spirit. “Last year was an off year for us so we are pushing the winning effort this season,” said Lewis, “We made a lot of silly mistakes today but we will continue to work on the errors and soon they won’t happen anymore.” The passionate coach said he will work on eliminating small errors through practice and repetition drills this year and hopes to get it straightened out by season’s end.

Evander Tigers

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