Column: East Bronx History Forum to host author of book on NYC waterways


The East Bronx History Forum and the Huntington Free Library are pleased to announce the Forum will hold its 164th meeting on Wednesday, April 13 at 8 p.m. with a Zoom presentation by Sergey Kadinsky, “Hidden Waters of New York City.”

Mr. Kadinsky is an adjunct history professor at Touro College, reporter at Queens Jewish Link, and a contributing writer at Forgotten-NY for more than a decade. He paid his way through college as a licensed and unionized tour guide, which led to his documentation of street scenes around the city. He is the author of “Hidden Waters of New York City,” which documents the rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds that either still exist or were covered many decades ago.

The following are examples of streams in the eastern portions of the Bronx that will appear in the presentation: Westchester Creek, Baxter Creek, Weir Creek, Hutchinson River, Rattlesnake Brook, Pelham Bay Lagoon, Baxter Creek, source of Westchester Creek and Turtle Cove.

Please join us and find out about the hidden waters of the East Bronx. The East Bronx History Forum will post the login details on our web page at Please help defray the cost of the meetings by using the donate button.

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