DOROT Expands its virtual Intergenerational program to all five boroughs 

Photo courtesy DOROT

DOROT, the nonprofit organization in New York City that brings the generations together to alleviate social isolation and loneliness among older adults, is expanding its GENuine Connections virtual intergenerational program to include adults 65+ and teens from throughout the five boroughs. 

Beginning October 19, DOROT’s GENuine Connections welcomes adults 65+ and teens from across New York City. Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis here. 

The Zoom-based workshops connect high school students with adults 65+ for activities that include: 

  • Book discussions
  • Artmaking
  • Technology coaching
  • Storytelling
  • Current events
  • Legacy projects and more 

The program will operate in three eight-week terms in the fall, winter, and spring, four days per week, with three intergenerational workshop options each day. 

“We’ve seen the magic that can happen when people of different ages and backgrounds are given an opportunity to connect, especially during difficult times such as the last two and half years of the pandemic,” said Mark Meridy, Executive Director of DOROT. “They discover commonalities that often lead to valuable insight and connection. Intergenerational connections can be powerful and life changing.”

For 47 years, DOROT’s mission has been to address the challenges of an aging society by providing services that help older adults live independently. Bringing the generations together in a mutually beneficial partnership of elders, volunteers of all ages, and professionals, DOROT was recently featured on the Kelly Clarkson Show, which recognized the organization for the success in addressing social isolation and loneliness during the pandemic, and for the exponential growth of its intergenerational programs. 

Described by participants as valuable and deeply rewarding, GENuine Connections erases traditional generational roles and creates a mutual space for community, support, meaning, and volunteerism.

“I gave myself an opportunity to see the world in a new light by connecting with teens,” said one older adult participant.” “GENuine Connections is a wonderful way to learn and grow by engaging with teens who have so much to offer.” 

Adults 65+ and high school students from throughout New York City are invited to volunteer for the program. To learn more about GENuine Connections and to register for the program visit https://dorotusa.org/genuineconnections.