Diaz tells NFL star who lost ring: Bronx not ‘sinful’

Borough President Diaz, Jr. mails a letter and a 2016 Bronx Visitors Guide to Beckham, Jr. after Beckham’s visit to Sin City Cabaret last week.
Photo courtesy of Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.’s office

The borough president recently wrote a letter in response to an incident involving two NFL stars.

On Tuesday, November 22, Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. wrote a letter to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, after the two NFL stars visited Sin City Cabaret, a strip club located at 2520 Park Avenue in Mott Haven, on Thursday, November 17.

Beckham was dancing in the strip club when his diamond pinky ring, estimated to cost $25,000, flew off his finger.

According to published reports, a surveillance video inside the club depicts an individual extending his arm to the floor to pick up the item near Beckham at the time of the incident. He apparently offered a cash reward to anybody who found the ring and returned it to him, to no avail.

In response to the incident, Diaz Jr. invited both players to explore sites in the Bronx other than Sin City Cabaret, which has a checkered history.

One can only wonder if this situation would have taken place if they had visited another Bronx destination instead.

“I think it is wonderful that Mr. Beckham, who has been a great representative for the City of New York and the New York Giants, is showing his friends from out of town, like Mr. Miller, that there is more to New York City than Manhattan,” wrote Diaz, Jr., who signed the letter as ‘The Bronx’s #1 Giants Fan.’ “However, you could have picked a better place than Sin City Cabaret, which has a long history as a nuisance to our borough and as a poor corporate citizen to the people of the Bronx.”

Along with his letter, Diaz included a copy of the 2016 Bronx Visitors Guide along with a letter that he had sent to the New York State Liquor Authority commissioner Kevin Kim in August, calling for the club to have its liquor license rescinded.

“I would love to show both of you gentleman there is more to the Bronx than establishments such as Sin City, where you risk losing more than your valuables,” Diaz also wrote in the letter. “If you would like to see what the Bronx is really about and visit numerous establishments that our residents are actually proud of, I hope you will take me up on this offer.”

In mid-July, nine bouncers and dancers were charged with selling $22,000 worth of cocaine to undercover cops, who allegedly purchased the drugs from Sin City Cabaret employees, according to published reports.

In his third NFL season, Beckham has been named to two Pro Bowls, Second-team All-Pro in 2015 and was named the Associated Press NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year Award in 2014. He also holds more than 20 franchise records for the New York Giants, including most receiving yards in a season for a rookie, with 1,305.

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