DEA Serves Warrant At 2344 Story Avenue

DEA agents prepared to serve a warrant at 2344 Story Avenue last week.
Photo by Edwin Soto

Drug Enforcement Administration agents served a warrant at 2344 Story Avenue on Thursday, July 6 at 6 a.m.

According to a DEA spokesperson, the DEA and Yonkers police commissioner Charles Gardener announced that same day the unsealing of an indictment and a complaint charging six defendants with allegedly engaging in distributing heroin throughout the southern district of New York.

The defendants Christopher Coleman, Jonathan Acquino, Lisa Henderson, Leibys Mercedes and Branden Jones were taken into federal custody and presented in White Plains federal court before United States Magistrate Lisa M. Smith. James Odell Whitted remains at large.

From February to June 2017, Coleman, Acquino, Whitted, Mercedes and Jones allegedly conspired to distribute 100 grams and more of heroin.

Henderson and Coleman alledgedly conspired to distribute heroin.

According to the police, Henderson assisted Coleman in packaging the heroin for resale and allowed Coleman to store narcotics trafficking paraphernalia in Henderson’s apartment.

Coleman, Acquino, Whitted, Mercedes and Jones each face a maximum term of 40 years in prison and a mandatory minimum term of five years in prison.

Henderson faces a maximum term of 20 years in prison.

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