Crosby Pet Center gears up for its 20th anniversary

Crosby Pet Center gears up for its 20th anniversary
Community News Group/Sarah Valenzuela

When you first walk into the Crosby Pet Center, you are greeted by the loud squawks of parrots, the rustling of puppies playing and the occasional meow of a kitten or two.

The pet store, located on on Crosby Avenue near Middletown Road, has been servicing pet lovers all around the community for almost two decades.

With their approaching 20th anniversary, owner and founder James Earle said his business has always been a labor of love for the animals.

Over the years, James has grown his business to become a one-stop shop for animal lovers, pet owners, or soon-to-be pet owners.

Today the store carries more products than it ever had before with the intent to continue growing their inventory to sell better, higher quality products.

Crosby Pet Center existed in the area long before some of the major pet chain stores arrived.

Being able to reach this milestone with a smaller, family-owned operation, was no easy feat.

However, James said he and his team at the store all love animals so much that the work that goes into supporting them, the customers, and the business, is seamless.

“We always put in 100 percent here,” said James. “We’re just going to keep taking care of people here.”

James’ love of animals started at an early age.

Growing up, his mother Loretta raised and trained German shepherds as show dogs.

The Earle family had many a four legged-friend at home, but James’ love, respect and interest for animals propelled him to learn more about species across the spectrum.

Eventually that interest led him to start his own business, which would allow him to turn his passion into a career.

Just as animals were and still are part of the Earle family, James and his team have also tried to convey the message of taking care of animals to all of his customers.

After all, pets are not just friends, but to many they are family, according to James.

The biggest reward for James after all this time, however, is still seeing happy customers and being able to service and educate them however he and his team can.

Whether it be the longtime customer or the day-of visitor, James explained he and his team try to get to know all their clients.

On Tuesday, April 10, a gentleman named John Petti stopped in to thank James for a dog he had acquired at the store 16 years ago.

At the end of the day, it is all about the animals and the Crosby Pet Center team has strived to help make the journey with your pet an easier one.

Along with pet supplies, Crosby Pet Center also carries a full line of tropical fish, birds, reptiles, puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, and hampsters.

Crosby Pet Center also offers full service pet grooming seven days a week.

For more information on Crosby Pet Center in Pelham Bay, contact the store at (718) 822-6900.

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