Country Club Civic Association, volunteers clean up

CCCA members, police officer Malafronte gather before the clean up.
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

A local organization and its volunteers recently took part in cleaning up their own community.

On Saturday, June 27, the Country Club Civic Association held their first annual Community Clean Up Day to beautify their neighborhood.

The event began in the Villa Maria Academy parking lot, where CCCA members distributed materials and assignments to the 25 volunteers, their family members and other individuals who participated.

Volunteers were also treated to coffee, donuts and were given a free t-shirt before the clean up began.

After mapping out the game plan for the afternoon, the volunteers descended on 75 locations in six different teams, filling garbage bags with litter from along service roads, highways and sidewalks in front of city property, cleaning graffiti off of utility poles, mailboxes and FDNY call boxes as well as getting rid of illegal advertisements such as flyers and stickers.

The clean up was followed by a barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs for all who participated.

The event had a tremendous turn out as well. Officer Frank Malafronte from the 45th Precinct was a participant.

Community anti-graffiti activist John Provetto, who directed the clean up at many locations, supplied paint, gloves, masks and other cleaning supplies.

He was honored with a Certificate for Outstanding Contribution from CCCA at the barbecue for all of his service and volunteer work in the community.

Senator Jeff Klein also stopped by during the clean up to congratulate everyone for doing a great job.

“This event gave volunteers and participants a chance to work hands on in their own community for a great purpose,” said Mike McNerney, president, who also proudly stated that CCCA orchestrated this event with no outside assistance.

“It was great to see volunteers of all age groups get involved and take part in this clean up, and we know that we have made a majorly positive impact on our community. Everyone who participated had a great time and we already have people looking forward to and asking about next year’s event, “ he added.

“I was thrilled to see organizations and volunteers working together towards the same positive goal,” said Angela Ryan, CCCA event chair. “Seeing those who chose to participate also bring family members, loved ones and children says a lot about this tightly-knit neighborhood. It was a great feeling to hold and take part in an event that adds even more value to an already stellar community.”

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