Complaints inspire fix of bumpy road off Bruckner Expressway

Complaints inspire fix of bumpy road off Bruckner Expressway
A bumpy car is no more at exit 54 off the Bruckner Expressway thanks to pressure to get a nasty bump fixed.
Photo by David Cruz

Exit 54 off the Bruckner Expressway was a real jerk.

But after several complaints published in The Bronx Times Reporter, the state Department of Transportation has chiseled off a bumpy portion of the roadway considered a major headache to drivers.

“This is a significant obstacle for all cars and trucks,” wrote Michael Furnari in a letter to paper.

For months, hundreds of drivers were forced to brave the strut-bruising bump that rattled, shook and even damaged vehicles.

Motorists often spotted the pavement protrusion, stopped short and simply eased over it. Others plowed past it only to suffer the consequences. No car was safe.

“I do not understand how this curb can go unnoticed by the [New York City] DOT,” said Furnari.

But the roadway falls under the jurisdiction of the state DOT, which was unaware of the problem.

Taking notes on the issue was Senator Jeff Klein. “It was a real hazard.”

Familiar with the inner workings of government, Klein didn’t cast blame on the DOT for not knowing the problem.

“They’re really very complaint driven,” said Klein. “They’re reactive instead of proactive.”

Knowing this, Klein flexed his political muscle, making several phone calls to the inundated agency.

A crew eventually got the work order, spending several days to smooth away the bump.

Michael Wilbekin passed through the now smooth ramp. He later wrote to the Bronx Times Reporter, thrilled to see the work get done.

“I’m glad this was resolved,” he said. “Let’s hope it stays this way.”

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