Column: The news media deserves some of the blame

Troops from the 4th Platoon, Delta Company, 1-87 IN, 1 BCT, 10th Mountain Division in n Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Photo courtesy LTC Erich B. Schneider
Who’s to blame for the debacle in Afghanistan? The easiest target is President Biden but when all is said and done there’s plenty of blame to go around. Of course, President Biden deserves the brunt of the criticism, he is the commander in chief and his callous disregard for our fallen warriors, by looking at his watch numerous times while the bodies of our service men were being returned home, did not help his cause. His advisors and our intelligence services who should have been able to predict the outcome of what would happen when we pulled out our forces before we removed our people must bear their share of culpability.
Why are we spending $85 billion a year for intelligence? The generals, who have been fighting the Taliban for 20 years, should have advised the president on how to deal with them. I’m sure trust would not be on the top of their list. Whoever made the decision to leave behind over $80 billion worth of sophisticated armaments including Blackhawk helicopters, attack aircraft, artillery and tons of arms and munitions should be fired immediately.
The news media and press must take part of the blame also, by vilifying the past president and serving a political agenda they aided in the results we are seeing. Not asking the hard questions and allowing politics to rule their agenda does not help the American people. Allowing an elected official to dictate what questions he/she will entertain does the electorate an injustice. We have a right to know, and the media has the duty to ask the hard questions, be apolitical and present us with the facts and not slant those facts with political prejudices.
President Trump was impeached over a phone call and the mainstream media called for his head. President Biden in a phone call to the president of Afghanistan asked him to lie about the situation in Afghanistan in return for military aid. Where is the media outcry for impeachment? Our country is set up with a system of checks and balances and the fourth estate (news media) has a responsibility to ask the tough questions so that we the electorate can make an informed decision. We the voters must bear some of the burden because many of us sit by quietly and say nothing and allow extremists to rule the day.
When you see something you disagree with call or text your elected officials and let them know your feelings, their information is readily available by just googling their name. Go out and vote on Election Day and choose the candidate that most agrees with your values, regardless of party. Our future depends on us.

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