Column: The Left supports socialism over capitalism

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The vigorous exchange of ideas is a great strength of free nations. Even the most heated debate can frequently produce the best of solutions, so long as all sides are honest in their presentation of their facts and goals.

That honesty does not exist in the Progressive’s presentation of their arguments, neither in the facts they rely on or in the goals they allege to seek. The criticism that would normally meet such dishonesty has been intentionally obscured by a biased media that shares the thinly veiled goal of “Fundamentally transforming” America from a society based on individual rights to one governed by an all-powerful central government based on Marxist principles.

Consider the concepts the Left has pushed:

Alleging that preventing voter fraud is actually voter suppression.

Asking generations that have not indulged in slavery or segregation to pay reparations to people who have not been the victims of slavery or segregation.

Claiming that America engages in systemic racism despite the reality that there is not a single law, rule, regulation or accepted practice that condones racism.

Maintaining that socialism, which has failed miserably every place it has been tried, is preferable to America’s capitalist system which has brought more prosperity to more people than anything else in history.

Claiming that letting dangerous criminals go free on little or no bail, emptying out jails on various excuses, handcuffing the police by either defunding or intimidating them with lawsuits, and allowing criminal cartels practically free access to cross the southern border is not responsible for dramatic increases in crime.

Complaining that adequately protecting the nation from foreign threats is a waste of money.

Despite the clear irrationality of these positions, Progressives have made startling gains.

A recent Rasmussen Poll reports that only 50% of American adults think the U. S. is a nation with liberty and justice for all. Thirty-eight percent (38%) disagree, while 11% are not sure.

These absurd concepts would not have gained traction in earlier periods. It is important to understand why they are now succeeding. The descent into disproven economic practices and historically inaccurate views of the United States are the direct result of two key factors: the takeover of public education by radicalized hard-left personnel, and Progressive control of popular entertainment.

An AMAC review found that “America’s schools are being infiltrated by the radical left. Every generation since 1928 has gotten steadily more liberal, with each generation being more liberal than the previous. This is a direct result of left-wing indoctrination in America’s schools, and it is not a coincidence … According to a 2018 Gallup poll, just 45% of millennials view capitalism positively. To the contrary, 51% of millennials view socialism positively. This means that young Americans largely support socialism over capitalism. These views conflict with the views of every single other generation of Americans. Just 28% of the Silent Generation, 30% of Baby Boomers and 41% of Generation X view socialism positively.”

NBC Today  notes that “If you got to a movie theater right now, there’s a pretty good chance that the film you see will have been partially financed in China.” Correspondent Ronan Farrow outlined how that influences the scripts of the movies Americans watch.

Politico provides another example of the interrelationship between Chinese companies buying major stakes in Hollywood and Beijing’s political goals. Dalian Wanda is a Chinese firm that has intimate ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and it is intent on making major purchases of Hollywood assets.

Much of the influence Progressives have gained in the 21st century is owed to the support they have received from China.

Last September, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned about China’s “influence operations” in colleges, think tanks and even local governments.

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