Column: The Highbridge Water Tower and its Bronx connections

High Bridge Water Tower, 1882. Artist unknown.
Painting courtesy Dorothy Krynicki

The East Bronx History Forum and Huntington Free Library are pleased to announce the Forum will hold its 172nd meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 7:30 pm. A remote Zoom presentation by city planner and writer Jeff Reuben will recount the Highbridge Water Tower’s long overlooked history and uncover its mysteries, including its relationship to the Bronx. From a history that involves notable New Yorkers such as Madame Eliza Jumel, Boss Tweed and Robert Moses, to its fascinating architectural and engineering details, there is much to discover.

Standing on a bluff 200 feet above the Harlem River, the recently restored Highbridge Water Tower is an iconic, yet enigmatic landmark for many New Yorkers. Built to bring Croton water to the highest points in northern Manhattan, the 200-foot-tall structure is now a century and a half old.

We look forward to you joining us over this Zoom presentation. The login credentials will be emailed to our members in addition to being posted on our website

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